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Level I Wallbox

Infrastructure & Charging | 19 September 2011

Level I chargers are recommended for home charging patterns and/or for customers looking at an economical option for charging their Electric Vehicle. Depending on the size of the battery pack in your ...

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DBT is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging stations, with over 6,000 stations installed in over 20 countries. DBT USA provides turnkey charging infrastructure hardware and software, as well as integration services for every EV charging application, including fleet, public, and home. In addition to providing Level I, Level II, and Level III DC quick chargers, DBT USA has also secured strategic partnerships to offer a full range of sustainable charging infrastructure. As endless innovator, the company focuses on developing technologies dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint and energy dependence of our customers. DBT USA commits to spread the use of the world's most environmentally friendly solution for electric vehicle charging, including off-grid and net-zero emission charging.

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Romain Christory
Project Manager - EV Solutions at DBT USA

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