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Southfield, MI, United States of America


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Charging System

Lear's charging technology delivers unsurpassed efficiency and an optimized set of charge cord and connection systems to meet our customers' high standards. The line-up of products includes on-board b...

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Lear Corporation is a leading global automotive supplier of seating, electrical distribution systems and electronic products. Lear has introduced plug-in hybrid electric and full battery-electric vehicle chargers to its global electrical and electronics product portfolio.

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Future of electro-mobility: what are the areas of interest?

Future of electro-mobility: what are the areas of interest?

5 December 2014
The electric vehicle market has been growing over the last year: with electric and plug in hybrid car sales up an incredible 77% in the first half of 2014 in Europe and 60% in the United States. This growth has plante...
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Audi EV with 280-mile Range on collision course with Tesl...

1 December 2014 | Tech Times
Audi will soon release an all-electric family car that will look to challenge the Tesla Model S. The company is currently developing an all-new, all-electric vehicle that will feature a range of 280 miles. According t...
Join the Elevtra - Electric Vehicles Training final seminar

Join the Elevtra - Electric Vehicles Training final seminar

30 October 2014
Funded by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme, the ELEVTRA project aims to develop a comprehensive, international and standardised training programme for the maintenance and repair of electric vehicles...
A ‘British Tesla’ could shift the UK car indu...

A ‘British Tesla’ could shift the UK car indu...

6 October 2014
British-owned car manufacturing has been in decline in UK for decades but the shift to electric cars might be just what is needed for a revival. The recent announcement by US-based Detroit Electric that it will move i...
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Results of California EV buyer survey now available online

10 July 2014 | Charged
The California Air Resources Board has published the results of a survey of plug-in vehicle buyers who received rebates from the state. The online data is available for researchers, policymakers and the public to lear...
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Lithium-ion battery makers look to stimulate electric car...

3 July 2014 | Chemistry World
Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has decided it will no longer pursue lawsuits against anyone using its patented technology.   Chief executive Elon Musk explained on the company’s blog that Tesl...
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Why Electric Vehicles Will Rule the Road

23 May 2014 | Wall Street Journal
I’m not generally a fan of picking winners and losers except when it comes to the future of cars. Here, electric vehicles (EVs) are the clear long-term winners. They’re highly efficient, dirt cheap to powe...
US Electric Vehicles sales report for March 2014

US Electric Vehicles sales report for March 2014

11 April 2014
The monthly electric vehicle (EV) sales report is provided by InsideEVs and is updated with the latest available information. March heralds not only the return of spring, but the end to the “gloomy season”...
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Ford + GE = Big Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rollout

3 April 2014 | Clean Technica
The first company that comes to mind when you think of electric vehicle leadership is probably Tesla, or perhaps Nissan or GM. However, Ford has been sneaking into a clear leadership position over the past year and a ...
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Green power company offers "free miles" to elec...

13 February 2014 |
Electric cars, and more precisely the charging of these cars, may provide a much needed growth area for those who are smart enough to get in early. In the UK, at least, it would appear that Ecotricity—the ultra-...

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