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EU project to train EV & charging stations personnel starts

29 November 2011

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The ELEVTRA project, funded by the European Life Long Learning programme, has kicked off to develop e-learning and hands-on practice courses for electronics technicians involved in maintaining and repairing electric vehicles and charging stations. will play an active role in building a cluster of OEMs, engineers and training institutes to validate the quality of developed modules.
ELEVTRA will develop training courses for maintenance of EV and charging stations

On 1 October 2011, the ELEVTRA project - ELEctric Vehicle TRAining - was officially launched to develop a professional profile of electro mechanics with specialisation of the maintenance and repair of electric vehicles and charging stations. Selected as one of only 37 projects funded by the Life Long Learning Programme (Leonardo da Vinci) – out of a total of more than 300 applications received – ELEVTRA will develop an e-learning platform, an e-course and hands-on exercises to validate the quality of the vocational education and training (VET) didactic material over the coming three years.

A kick-off meeting held 10-11 November in Gijón, Spain, attracted large interest by Spanish national and regional media that welcomed the project as a prerequisite for building a strong electric vehicle industry in Spain, Europe and beyond. The Principality of Asturias in Northern Spain – where two of the main project partners are located – attaches great hopes to the project that will support the region in its ambitions to become a role model for electric mobility.

6 partners from 5 European countries

The project is led by Fundación Metal Asturias (FMA) – one of the largest vocational education and training providers in Northern Spain. The other project partners come from Germany (University of Applied Sciences Bochum), Slovenia (Solski center Velenje), Spain (Movilidad Sostenible mov-e) and the Czech Republic (Integrovana stredni skola automobilni ISSA Brno). As official dissemination partner Belgian marketing & communications expert shecco will be responsible for building the project website, for disseminating major milestones and for organising a final seminar in October 2014 with the widest possible participation of decision makers from the automotive industry, supranational and national legislators, as well as training institutes.

“Specialised training for EV professionals is a much needed but unfortunately not yet highly prioritized area to ensure a sustained growth of the electric vehicle market and wide consumer satisfaction once EVs hit the roads. Through we hope to build a strong expert panel that will accompany the building of training courses and hence help in sharpening the professional profile of those responsible for maintaining electric cars and charging stations“, says Nina Burhenne, Editor and ELEVTRA project coordinator for shecco. key to building expert panel

Over the coming months will engage with its community to identify individuals that are interested in supporting the project’s outcomes with technical advise. More specifically, is looking to build a cluster of OEMs, training institutes and engineers willing to participate and comment on the development of training modules. If you are interested in the subject of EV maintenance & repair training, and want to be part of the cluster to be updated on latest developments, you can contact our team at Please also check back on our discussion forum to follow latest developments.


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