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Going-Electric joins

25 June 2009

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As a voice for full-electric vehicle stakeholders, Going-Electric, the European Association for Battery Electric Vehicles, is working to draft an ambitious legislative framework that would enable European leadership in production and commercialisation of EVs.Today, Going-Electric became the first association to join
With industry members such as EV manufacturer Lumeneo, EV distributor Green Mobil or member associations such as Bellona Foundation and the European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (AVERE), Going-Electric is working to step up EV interest in a bid to bring EV incentives higher up the EU political agenda.

Going-Electric, the European Association for Battery Electric Vehicles

Going-Electric is a non-profit association. It represents the interests of businesses, associations, NGOs and individuals that promote the electrification of mobility and sustainable transport with offices located in Paris and EU headquarters Brussels.

The Association’s main endeavor is to push for EU legislation and incentives that would bring EVs faster to market. Working daily with EU stakeholders, the association wants to make sure that tailor-made and ambitious incentives (financial and legal) are adopted at EU level in the coming years.

“We are pleased to be partners with”, declares Jacques de Selliers, Founder and Managing Director of Going-Electric. “This website is a most valuable asset for all people involved with electric vehicles, which undoubtedly are the conveyance of the future yet - available today!”

Electric mobility

Going-Electric believes that the future for vehicles is electric and that battery-electric vehicles represent the biggest hope to transform the transport sector into a sustainable industry. Indeed the association stresses the opportunity EVs represent in terms of reducing foreign oil dependency, cutting CO2 emissions, reducing air and urban pollution and noise.

With this in mind and the lack of an existing framework that could help EVs come to market, Going-Electric has decided to voice the needs of all EV industry stakeholders and make sure that financial incentives are adopted to break the technology barrier and enable widespread commercialisation.

The objective of the European Association for Battery Electric Vehicles is "to ensure European policies and directives leading to research subsidies and incentives to producers, consumers and cities that will enable Europe to become a leader in BEVs, both in terms of production of BEVs and their parts and in terms of BEV commercialisation".


jacques mollard

During the last twelve months, everybody, all aroud the world seems to discover that EV's are existing and that they are an excellent solution for cities and subburbs. AVERE is not telling anything else since 1978. If we had change our behaviour 30 years ago it could be less serious and urgent now.
added 2009-07-08 08:59:26


I want an elecric car.
added 2011-01-26 18:14:11

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